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About Worms Zone

  Worms Zone is a big hungry worm looking for food in the worm world. Unfortunately for this little worm, there are many other large worms that are cannibals and cruel always fighting for food. Help this worm avoid the other bad worms and become the biggest worm to rule the worm kingdom so that no one can bully. Join the worm kingdom and start your journey to become the longest worm.

  Before playing, don't forget to name your worm because many other players will join. Start with a small yellow worm and go looking for food to grow in size. When the length is short, do not stop other worms because you will probably be eaten first, try to pick up the food or eat the carcasses of other worms to increase the length, then you will easily go to intercept the other worms and kill them. The flexible movement will be an advantage in this game, don't stay too long, observe the surrounding situation to avoid being blocked by other worms. Mass and size will be the opposite of movement speed, so have smart play strategies. It can be a small worm that moves flexibly to block the opponent's head or a worm with the ideal length to kill all opponents at once. Become the most powerful worm on the rankìng!

How to play Worms Zone

Arrow keys or touch to move.

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