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About Wilds.io

Wildsio is a multiplayer HTML5 fighting game. The game is designed for one to five players (the more players, the merrier) but can also be played solo. Each player has their own character, and must try to outdo their opponents using different strategies to win. The game takes place in a series of battle arenas where you pit against other players in a mortal battle. Each arena has its own set of traps and hidden stones that can either help you or hurt you. Get ready for an epic battle! You have your own unique character with your own special abilities, which will come in handy throughout the battles and combat challenges ahead. You must also try to find out what your enemies are planning before it is too late, or risk falling victim to their cunning. There are also various weapons available in this arena game for you to use against AI or player attackers like rockets, machine guns, flamethrowers, grenade launchers.


How to play Wilds.io

Controls Move: WASD Items: 1, 2, Q, and E Jump: space bar Special: R Throw weapon: F Attack: left mouse button Run/kick: right mouse button Roll shield: middle mouse button


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