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About Vex 5

Vex game is back with the fifth installment. Vex 5 adds new challenging levels, achievements, and traps. The game objective is to move, jump, slide to pass through obstacles, spikes, and spinning blades to reach the end. In addition to 10 regular acts, players can try an entirely new game mode: Challenge Room. In this mode, you need to complete a level in a limited amount of time. As you progress through acts, the labyrinth becomes more complex and challenging.



  • Challenging gameplay.
  • 10 acts and new Challenge room mode with 30 levels and deadly puzzles.
  • Trophies as reward.

How to play Vex 5

AD or left/right arrow to move.

W or up arrow to jump.

S or down arrow to slide/kneel down/crouch.

R to restart.

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