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Timberman is a game where you have to destroy all the green mushrooms before time runs out! This game is an arcade style game that has different levels and new characters as you progress. You will have to use the mouse to aim and shoot. There are 50 unique levels in this game and every level is harder than the last one. Unlike most other similar games, this Game is played with a joystick and only an arrow. You can also see the details of every level before you reach them. You will also unlock new characters as you move through the levels. Each character has their own unique abilities, and they can also be used in different ways - so there's never a chance you'll use them all. The goal of this game is to try and avoid the obstacles on the screen as much as possible. After you meet a person, you will be taken back a few steps until the timer runs out or you reach another safe zone. This game is created with love for classic games by a team of experienced pixel pushers with years of experience in creating games for both adults and kids.


How to play Timberman

Using Mouse


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