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Takepointio is a new game development platform that allows developers to create and deploy 2D and 3D games, as well as multiplayer games with up to 10 players. This one is based on the popular open-source game development platform With This one, developers can easily create and deploy games with a high degree of flexibility and efficiency. You can also use it to develop mobile apps, web applications, and even AI-driven

Hi there! If you're looking for a powerful and efficient game development platform, then takepointio is the perfect choice for you. Our platform offers a wide range of capabilities and tools that make creating top-tier games easy and fun. From game engines like Unity or Unreal tomodeling tools like Maker or 3D printing software, we have something for

Takepointio is a great game for multiplayer. You and your friends can team up and fight against other players online. It offers an interesting twist on the “tower defense” genre, where the goal is to protect your capital from enemy attackers. The game is made with HTML5 and is easy to learn, making it perfect for newbies. This amazing game also looks great on any device, so you can play it

This amazing game is a new game development platform that lets you create and play games with your friends on your computer or device. You can use it to develop games for your favorite platforms like PC, iOS, Android, and more. With Takepointio, you can create multiplayer games without having to build them from scratch. You can also upgrade your games with different features and tools to make them even

This amazing game is an amazing way to increase your productivity and efficiency in the workplace. With This amazing game, you can easily join multiplayer games or shoot-from-the-hip shooters with others in the same office. Plus, it’s the perfect tool for team collaboration and shared tasks. You can also use Takepointio to upgrade your weapons and tools in the office, so you can stay ahead of the curve and stay safe while


How to play TakePoint.io

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump


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