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You've never experienced anything like Survio's new Battle Royale survival game, Survio. With two modes and an extensive map, Survio takes Fortnite Battle Royale to the next level. Experience the survival and battle royale genre from a whole new perspective. You are stranded on an island with other players from all over the world. The only way is to fight your way past the others to become the last man standing. In the battle royale game genre, the rules are pretty much the same for everyone. Build the structure in an isolated location and keep it safe so players don't raid you. The only change is the map on which the game is played and the number of players participating in it. In Fortnite Battle Royale you get the storm of an island and the rest is history. In Fortnite Mobile, it's a similarly named map on which the game is played. In both games, there is a large map and a group of players trying to survive by building as many as possible within the time limit.


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Controls Movement: W, A, S, D Aim: Mouse Melee/shoot: Left-click Change weapons: 1 through 4 or scroll wheel Stow weapons(Melee mode): 3 or E Swap to previous weapon: Q Switch gun slots: T or drag gun to another slot Reload: R Scope zoom: Left-Click on zoom Pickup/loot/revive: F Use medical item: Left-click on item or 7 through 0 Drop item: Right-click on item Cancel action: X View map: M or G Toggle minimap: V Use team ping wheel: Hold C, then hold right-click and drag mouse, then release right-click Use emote wheel: Hold right-click and drag mouse, then release right-click


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