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About Super Stickman Hook

  Super Stickman Hook is a new version of Spider-Man. Unlike the hero character in the Marvel universe, this spiderman is quite confused about how to use his power and needs your help. His movement and his survival depend on you. Instead he shoots spider webs so he can reach his destination. Give Spider-Man a chance to return to professional training so he can save the world. 

  There is a pre-marked finish line at each level. You need to help him reach that finish line by shooting spider webs. Hanging points can be easily seen, taking advantage of the drop to gain momentum. Pay attention to the saw blades arranged around, avoid letting the spiderman bump into it if you don't want him to be broken into pieces. Align the drop point appropriately to be able to pick up gems and have strong enough momentum to reach the finish line. The swing follows basic physics so you can easily judge the movement. There is no time limit so be careful to get him to the finish line safely, Spider-Man when he grows up and becomes a hero won't forget who you are - the forerunner of a world hero.

  Are you ready to shoot spider webs?

How to play Super Stickman Hook

Drag to shoot and swing.

Drop to fall.

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