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Stumble Guys is an online multiplayer knockout game with support for up to 32 players. Go through round after round of pandemonium until passing various stages and being crowned the winner! If you fall, simply begin running again. Join the unending race!

In this Takeshi Castle-inspired game, you will explore colourful environments with a variety of obstacles. Each match is comprised of three distinct obstacles that must be avoided in order to reach the finish line. Stumble Guys is filled with entertaining and funny aspects, notably the opponents and obstacles, which are built in a really adorable manner - enormous snowmen, colourful platforms, revolving doors, large balls...

Overall, Stumble Guys is a fantastic multiplayer game with enjoyable physics, packed with all the thrills and suspense of the original Fall Guys game, and promising a great deal of amusement. Brilliant mind!

Step 1: You press the Play button to begin playing the game selected by the system.

Step 2: Initially, 32 individuals will engage in the game, but only 16 will advance to the following round. When the countdown metre reaches 1, you must compete against other players to earn a ticket to the next round.

Step 3: A random game will be chosen, however if you advance to the following round, the difficulty will typically drop. Specifically, the impediment will be smaller than on the first screen, but on some second and third screens, the player will be unable to progress forward due to the terrain's slipperiness. There are also elimination games in which the player must be the last one standing.

Step 4: If the round is passed, the number of survivors in the second round is reduced to only one winner and eight people, then these eight individuals will compete in the final round.


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