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About Stickman Warriors

Stickman Warriors is an arena multiplayer game which you can play with your friends and enemies. The game is based on stickman characters, each with their unique abilities and fighting strategies. Challenge your friends to see who can become the ultimate Stickman Warrior! Are you ready for Stuck? Attack other players with your stickmen warriors in this fast-paced arena multiplayer game where you win by destroying the enemy stickmen or capturing their flag. Travel through different worlds, upgrade your weapons and learn new combat techniques to become a master of combat. - Simple but strategic gameplay: use tactics to strategically weaken, kill and capture enemies - Fast-paced gameplay: dodge attacks, leap over obstacles, attack from behind and more - Multiple This game characters: collect over 35 individual warriors with varying strengths and weaknesses - Upgradeable weapons: unlock better weapons by finding hidden relics or crafting them in the forge - An ever-expanding world of combat challenges that will test your skills as a Stickman


How to play Stickman Warriors

Collect glass pieces scattered around the arena to increase the size of your stickman and also stay on the lookout for weapons too. Pick up the weapons and use them to defeat other players who are trying to kill you. Try to avoid taking damage and keep moving. This game is a huge amount of fun and you will find yourself re-entering the arena time and time again to vie for the top spot - become a stickman warrior today! Release Date November 2017 Developer Stickman Warriors is developed by Viktor Sadovski. Features Choose the best costume style for your stickman Different weapons to be used Scattered health kits that can be picked up to restore your health Simple controls to move and fighting the opponents Platform This game is a web browser game. Controls Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move and attack.


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