In, you dive into a quirky and addictive world where you control a voracious black hole on a mission to consume as many stickmen as possible. Developed as a casual game, combines simplicity with strategic depth, making it easy to pick up yet challenging to master.


The premise is straightforward: navigate your black hole through a vibrant and dynamic environment populated by stickmen. With a simple touch or swipe control mechanism, you guide the hungry void, strategically positioning it to engulf unsuspecting stick figures. As your hole devours more and more stickmen, it grows in size, becoming increasingly capable of swallowing larger targets and obstacles.


But the fun doesn't stop there. introduces a unique twist by incorporating an army-building mechanic. Each stickman consumed adds to your growing army, transforming them into loyal minions ready to assist you in your ultimate quest. As your army expands, so does your power, enabling you to take on bigger challenges and adversaries.

The game reaches its climax with epic boss battles, where you face off against formidable opponents that stand between you and victory. Utilize your army wisely, strategize your movements, and exploit the environment to outmaneuver and defeat these imposing foes.

Game Mode also offers a competitive edge with its multiplayer mode, where players can pit their hole-swallowing skills against each other in fast-paced showdowns. Compete in intense matches to see who can amass the largest army and reign supreme as the ultimate stickman devourer.


With its charming stick figure art style, addictive gameplay mechanics, and engaging progression system, provides hours of entertainment for casual gamers and competitive players alike. So dive into the void, build your army, and conquer the stickman world in this wildly entertaining and delightfully quirky game.

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard.

How to Win?

  1. Swallow Stickmen Strategically: The key to success is to swallow stickmen strategically. Focus on consuming smaller stickmen initially to grow your hole's size gradually. As your hole enlarges, you can start targeting larger stickmen and obstacles.

  2. Build Your Army: Every stickman you swallow becomes a part of your army. Build your army by continuously consuming stickmen. A larger army not only increases your power but also assists in boss battles.

  3. Utilize Power-Ups: Keep an eye out for power-ups scattered throughout the game environment. These power-ups can provide temporary boosts such as increased speed, enhanced swallowing capabilities, or even invincibility. Efficiently use these power-ups to gain an advantage over your opponents or overcome challenging obstacles.

  4. Master Movement and Maneuverability: Learn to control your black hole with precision. Mastering movement and maneuverability allows you to navigate through tight spaces, evade obstacles, and outmaneuver opponents effectively. Practice controlling the speed and direction of your hole to optimize your gameplay.

  5. Plan Your Boss Battles: Boss battles are the ultimate challenge in Before engaging in a boss fight, assess the boss's strengths and weaknesses. Strategize your approach, utilize your army effectively, and exploit the environment to gain the upper hand. Adapt your tactics based on the boss's behavior and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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