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State io is an abstract real-time strategy game, featuring a tactical fight of dots and an exciting takeover of countries. Fight your opponents by completing strategic riddles in order to increase your dominance in the global arena. In the epic clash game, you must lead your army to victory, plan wisely, and act swiftly in order to conquer nations and territory. Utilize this winning military approach!

How do you play
Check the number indicated in each territory to determine how to conquer other states. These indicate the amount of soldiers required to occupy the territory in question. The grey areas are neutral and will not deploy their own forces. The other hues represent regions occupied by opposing forces.

Tap a controlled location and drag a line to the area you wish to occupy. Your men will march in that direction. One unit will remain behind. Once a territory is under your control, it will produce additional soldiers. This will speed up the growth of your army, but distributing your men too thinly throughout a large number of states will weaken your defences.

The challenge is to achieve a balance between obtaining new territories and troops while retaining enough soldiers to protect the areas you already control. The same goes for your opponents, so observe their actions carefully and swoop in when their forces are in a weaker position.


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