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  Speedy Corona Virus.IO is a game with a virus that is taking the world by storm. Because the complicated disease situation in the world has spread to the world of video games, your snake must also wear a mask to prevent disease. The snake world has also been infected and the poor snake has to run away from other infected snakes. Speedy Corona Virus.IO with the idea from the speed of the spread of the COVID epidemic put into the game, give players a realistic feel of the rapid infection rate. 

  The gameplay is simple, just like the classic games, you start with a small and short snake, picking up dots around to increase the length. The difference is that you can't eat other infected snakes, but they can eat you. So stay away from them like you would avoid the coronavirus. They are snakes that don't wear masks and have fierce faces, you can only eat other snakes that are not infected are other players participating. In each level, there is a certain number of points that are set first, when you accumulate enough points, you will pass to the next level. If you run into infected snakes, you lose immediately and have to start over. Be a smart snake to survive the epidemic season!

How to play Speedy Corona Virus.IO

Drag to move faster.

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