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About Snake vs Balls

  Snake vs Balls will really test your speed with high addiction. If you are a fan of speed challenges, this game is a great choice and promises to take up a lot of your time. The numbers will confuse the players at a dizzying speed and it is not easy to master the game. Your brain will be working at full capacity in Snake vs Balls. 

  You will start with a first number corresponding to the number of balls shaped like a snake. The circles are made up of many small pieces with numbers assigned on them. To pass through those barriers, make sure the snake's number is larger than the numbers on it. The farther you go, the faster the speed will require high concentration and the perfect combination of your brain and hands. The difficulty of Snake vs Balls will focus on the quick processing of numbers, identifying values to be able to continue. This new and popular way of playing promises to take a lot of your time. Let's share and invite your friends to join for more interesting experiences. Difficult challenges will become more attractive if more known.

  Are you confident with the perfect combination of your eyes and hands?

How to play Snake vs Balls

Drag or arrow keys to play.

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