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About Snake Puzzle

  Snake Puzzle is a fun intellectual game. You will enjoy the colorful and addictive snakes through the levels. This game will test your thinking ability by arranging escape bugs for snakes in a tight range. Snake Puzzle will be more interesting if you play with friends, can challenge them. 

  Your task is to remove the snakes from the grid board, the principle is that they cannot touch each other, cannot crawl on each other, and have separate passageways. That means it cannot turn its head around itself. The gameplay is simple, but it really challenges the brain. The higher levels will be harder and more snakes, sometimes you will need to squeeze out your thoughts. If you don't pass the level, you can play again, so calm down and come up with the right moves.

  Can you rescue all the snakes?

How to play Snake Puzzle

Hold down on the squares to move.

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