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About Shortcut Pro

  Shortcut Pro is a fun competitive game with a collectible race track. The colorful race track with the participation of many players in the role of many characters creates a cute but equally dramatic space that is attractive. Tactics and agility are essential when participating in the world of Shortcut Pro. Only a small number of excellent players are included in the rankings. Do you have the ability to win the championship after a short race that lasts only a few minutes?

  They all start at the starting position and run on the track towards the finish line, there will be bricks lying on the road to be collected. A special feature in this game is that the number of bricks you collect will not count towards the score and have no meaning in deciding the winner, they will act as support for your short-cut errors to reach the finish line quickly. This means that you will be able to go beyond the range of the track and lose a corresponding number of tiles to cover that length of the track. It is necessary to collect a lot of bricks, but come up with smart playing strategies. Have the right number of bricks and move along the correct shortcuts to shorten the time to the finish line. The calculations that must be arranged quickly will create many interesting and funny things in this strange new race.

How to play Shortcut Pro

Drag to play.

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