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  Saw will give you a unique experience with the chainsaw where you can destroy anything. A chaotic racetrack with sharp saw blades crashing directly into the front of your car. Take the battle lying motionless under those ferocious war vehicles or rise up to fight. All the exciting and thrilling experiences will be in Saw

  Possessing a special saw machine that can move and fight, eliminate other players to join to win, occupy your entire territory. Rush into the surrounding objects to saw them into pieces, destroy other players skillfully to avoid being attacked in reverse. Be careful with your larger chainsaws, stay away from them to wait for the right opportunity. A little tip is to take a little time to watch our ads, this will help you to have the possession of massive chainsaws with high combat ability. Crushing it all will be an extremely enjoyable feeling when you are sitting on a giant chainsaw. Only when you clear all the other players will you get first place and be in the next arena. Try to destroy as much as you can, accumulate gold coins for the opportunity to exchange for heavy saws. See if you can master your saw blade?

How to play Saw

Drag to play.

Eliminate other chainsaws to win.

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