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About Rhino Rush Stampede

The Rhino Rush Stampede video game is a never-ending runner that has huge upgrades, energizing power-ups, and dynamic visuals. You take control of a rhinoceros as you make your way through a variety of stages in Rhino Rush Stampede. Your objective is to amass as much gold as you can while staying clear of perilous foes and challenging obstacles. You should make it a point to pick up the power-ups that emerge along the road so that you may make the most of your progress. You will need to avoid all types of obstacles, gather plenty of different bonuses and power-ups, and level up your power in order to be able to run faster and for a greater distance than you ever have before. This game calls for your whole attention, lightning-fast reflexes, lightning-fast speed, strategic thinking, and good old-fashioned running speed!
The rhinoceros is one of the few creatures that can survive in a world dominated by ancient and barbaric humans because it has the ability to adapt. They have evolved as natural predators as a result of their powerful physique and belligerent demeanor. The goal of this game is to restore health and vitality to the species in question while simultaneously collecting points for your efforts.


How to play Rhino Rush Stampede

Controls W / up arrow key = jump S / down arrow key / right arrow key / space = dash Up and down arrow keys = control animals and vehicles


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