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Pop Balloon is a very fun casual bouncing ball game. Perfect game for all ages, it's an arcade game where you'll have to help the cute little panda and his friends keep throwing shadow. Let's save them from the terror of the panda that is keeping them trapped in their house. They are afraid of heights and if they stay there for too long, they will get bored and leave. Help them bounce as high as possible to escape from their house and its traps. In the game, you need to control the power and angle to throw the spike ball, the spike ball will bounce when hitting the wall, and all the balls will be broken by bouncing back to win. You need to make sure the ball goes into the trash at least before it hits the bottom. The more accurate you are, the higher your score will be. Players start with three balls and can unlock more through in-app purchases. They can also be purchased for real money. There are many different situations where you can get into this game, making it one of the most played games on Android phones. Let's have fun playing the game!


How to play Pop Balloon

Using Mouse


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