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Pool Party 2 is a match-3 game in which coloured balloons must be matched. There will be a massive Pool Party, so pack your towels and prepare your swimwear. If you're seeking for the greatest way to keep track of your friends and family during the swimming season (or if you're just looking for a reason to spend less time at home), look no further. Downloading and launching Pool Party 2 will put you in competition with players from all over the world within minutes. And because this is a real app, it contains features that distinguish it from other pool party games available in the Play Store. Even if you do not have an Internet connection, you will still be able to enjoy the game because the images are so captivating. With many game types and unlockable material, there's something for everyone in this game.

This game is similar to pachislot, but with a twist - it is a party game in which players attempt to obtain as many parties as possible by matching three or more cards of the same colour. Also possible are matches between cards with the same value. When three or more cards are matched, they become "sides" and score points. The winner is the first player to score seven points.

Here are some suggestions for having the most enjoyable playtime:
- Plan in advance who will play with you and what their character will be, whether they are adults, children, or both. Combine appropriately.
- If you're going out for a drink beforehand, bring as many matching colours as possible, as people will judge you harshly if you appear plain and sloppy on your team card.

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