About is an exciting multiplayer online game that combines elements of strategy, exploration, and combat. In this game, players embark on an adventure as pirates sailing the high seas, searching for treasure, battling rival crews, and upgrading their ships to become the most feared plunderers of the ocean.


The game begins with players starting with a basic ship and a small crew. Their primary objective is to gather as much treasure as possible while fending off attacks from other players and hostile creatures that inhabit the ocean.


One of the key features of is its open-world environment. Players have the freedom to navigate the vast ocean, explore islands, and uncover hidden treasures. They can also engage in trade with other players, form alliances, or engage in intense naval battles.

As players accumulate wealth and resources, they can upgrade their ships with better weapons, armor, and other enhancements to improve their chances of survival and domination. Additionally, players can recruit more crew members with unique abilities to bolster their strength and skills.

The game's real-time multiplayer mode adds an extra layer of excitement as players compete against each other for dominance on the high seas. Whether it's engaging in epic naval battles, raiding enemy ships, or forming alliances with other players, offers a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

With its captivating gameplay, vibrant graphics, and endless possibilities for exploration and adventure, is sure to keep players hooked as they strive to become the ultimate pirate king of the ocean.

How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard.


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