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Pencil Race is a variant of the popular word-finding game in which you must carve a paper tunnel to locate the pencil closest to the target. Can you conceive of a pencil running? In the online game Pencil Rush, you will have the ability to control crayons. This is a 3D video game with a highly addictive gameplay. Complete all pencil runs, collect crayons on the platform, and avoid obstacles is your objective. When you're running low on objects, don't forget to complete a beautiful picture. It is typically played on computer terminals in schools and workplaces so that players can concentrate on their quest in relative peace. In recent years, variations of the game including pencil wars, games, pictures, art, colours, and 3d have become quite popular. The game's rules are the same, but there are various ways to play, which we will discuss below. If you enjoy playing games that challenge your logical reasoning and concentration, you should add this game to your list of favourites.

How to Play Online Pencil Rush?
Pencil Rush Online is a unique avoid game. Bring as many coloured pencils as possible to the completion lines, where they will be used to create a cool painting.

Game Controls
To control the pencils, LEFT-CLICK and HOLD.
Move the MOUSE left and right to direct the pencils.

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