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Prepare to conquer the sky! Welcome to Noob Skyblock! Brand new skyblock experience. Noob is a skydiving game with fun dragons, amazing adventures and happy little clouds. Soar in the sky and discover a hidden oasis or create your own. Build your own house in the clouds or a farm in the grasslands. The possibilities are endless! Join today to start flying high with the dragons and explore this magical world of Noob. Noob is a medieval-fantasy themed role-playing game (RP). Players take on the role of "noobs" who have just completed their final rite of passage into adulthood and must now embark on an epic journey to become "heroes" as they travel across other lands. to test their courage, strength, intelligence and intelligence. Among other things, the player will encounter witches who can turn them into frogs; the castle is infected by those who like to steal shiny diamonds; evil lords plotting world domination; dragon burrows filled with fire-breathing beasts; evil stepmothers who want to destroy any potential suitors to their daughters; and masked magicians who grant wishes but to a high degree. Gather your strength and harness courage to fight this barbaric world!!! Be happy


How to play Noob Skyblock

Using Mouse


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