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About Mr Noob Fighter

Mr Noob Fighter is an entertaining fighter game. Our tiny newbie has become stranded in this perilous area. Your objective is to go without interruption and overcome adversaries! Trust your timing to jump and collect as many coins as possible to get the opportunity to unlock new skins. In this game, you play as an explorer in search of his life's greatest challenge. To demonstrate his worthiness, he will have to confront any dangerous creature. After overcoming each foe in succession, he advances to confront his next adversary. Touching the screen in the direction you wish your character to move is all that is required to play this game. It appears to be a simple task, but trust us, it is not as simple as you thought. If you want to win this game and become the greatest player ever, you must be swift. If you can contact your opponent faster than they can, they will lose their balance and fall to the ground, which is the best method to win them immediately. It is enjoyable to play and perfect for when you need a change from your typical game.


How to play Mr Noob Fighter

Instruction PC controls: Move with the keys A to attack, S to move and D to defend Mobile controls: Tap the buttons on the screen to attack, move and defend yourself.


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