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Are you ready to become a professional Herobrine? A game is a collection of rules with specified objectives. A challenge is an unanticipated or challenging impediment that must be surmounted. A test for Herobrine enthusiasts and everyone who enjoys a challenge. In the Challenge, you actually DO IT! Time to go NOBO! Enter the contest: Herobrine! The ultimate mental test in which the player assumes the role of Hero Prince Herobrine and attempts to eradicate all MONSTERS from the world. You play as Herobrine, a Scottish nobleman from the 17th century who gains immense power from the WINTEL stones he discovers on his journey. To battle these monsters and become the next hero, you must traverse their own paths and prevent them from using their Enchanting Blood Pots on the populace to destroy our planet. Without question. This single-player game prohibits teamwork and cooperation between players. Sign up below to begin playing this game, since this task has never been so difficult.
To play, click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.


How to play Mr Herobrine

Using Mouse


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