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About Mine-Craft.io

Mine-Craft.io is a multiplayer io game with Minecraft style. You can do everything as in a regular Minecraft game. Collect resources, build houses, make friends, stay away from evil mobs at night, and many more. The middle area is safe. The game was made by K&S Games, from the same developer of CrazySteve.io, and released in September 2019. You can play Mine-Craft.io in fullscreen for better game experience.

How to play Mine-Craft.io

Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

Press F to open/close player inventory.

Left shift to run.

Enter to chat.

Left-click to attack (hold the left mouse button to shoot from the bow).

Right-click for action (put the block, open the block inventory, and use the teleport).

1-8 to switch the active item in the quick inventory.

Press Q to drop active items.

Press Esc to close active window or open game menu.

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