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The Little Bigs is a 2D side-scrolling platformer video game developed by indie video game studio StudioFOW for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. As mentioned in the title, the game revolves around a family of small creatures called Littles that live in an underground kingdom known as 'Littlebigsnakeio'. The protagonist of The Little Bigs is a curious Little Bigs named Moe, who wants to explore beyond his kingdom and meet other creatures. To achieve this, he builds a nest with family members where they can all go home together. However, when the time comes for them to venture out, Moe discovers that their tunnel house has collapsed and they must find another place to live. In addition to the gameplay mechanics common to games of the same genre such as climbing walls and jumping over obstacles, The Little Bigs introduces a number of mechanics specifically designed for its setting. For example, instead of just having arrows on the keyboard like most games take place on an overhead grid, The Little Bigs uses keys that are not only larger than standard keys but also differently shaped to no collision when arranged side by side.


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Using Mouse


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