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About Ladder Climber

  Ladder Climber is a game of climbing stairs that needs to combine thinking and the quickness of hands. The simple but addictive gameplay will probably take a lot of your time. A rope ladder hangs in the sky and has strange stairs that make it difficult for people to climb. How many stairs are you confident you can climb?

  It seems that climbing manually by hand is simple, but it is really a challenge when there are missing or broken stairs, even if they move dangerously. You only have two choices, one is to climb up or to change hands. Use your thinking like climbing a ladder in reality, the position of your hands is always one step apart. Moreover, you also have to be quick to catch the step when it moves. If you miss only one step, you will fall down and lose. The endless ladder leads you to heaven so try to explore the world up there and create record numbers. Test your intelligence using two simple hand gestures. See how far you can go!

  Can you really control your hands?

How to play Ladder Climber

Click to blue box to climb.

Click to pig box to switch hands.

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