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About Krunker is an exciting free FPS game developed by Sidney and Vincent de Vries. The game has a wide range of classes, weapons, and maps to choose from. Each class has different styles, outfits, and abilities. So make a wise choice and try to defeat as many opponents as possible. Sneak around carefully to avoid getting hit. 

Game Features:

  • 11 different classes
  • Various maps and weapons
  • Smooth game controls
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Pixelated graphics

Game Tips:

  • Select the right gun in different circumstances
  • Find shelter while you're reloading your weapon
  • Earn extra points by jumping while shooting

How to play Krunker

Use WASD to move.

Press the Space bar to jump.

Press Shift to crouch.

Press F to spray paint.

Left-click to shoot.

Press R to reload.

Press C to aim/zoom.

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