About is a multiplayer FPS game with a 3D environment and a sniper rifle as the main weapon. Different game modes, such as teamfight and sniper duel, allow you to explore diverse maps and eliminate other players. This allows you to fight from your own customised safe home, which has your personal locker, crafting station, and an exit to the game world. Here, you can also select your character's available weapons, enhance it, and equip new clothing. Additionally, you can use numerous sorts of furniture to adorn your own and other players' safe houses. Join your friends and other gamers from across the globe in fast-paced, action-packed, and difficult game modes. Prepare, aim, and fire! Are you willing to participate in this epic?
You won't be able to move quickly, so taking precise aim and firing your weapon is your best option.
After utilizing your knife to walk a bit faster, you must switch back to your primary weapon in order to engage in combat. Alternately, you can dash to confuse your opponent and make yourself harder to hit, but be careful because this ability has a cooldown.
Consider this when planning your moves and defeating your opponents, as the game's movement pace is a bit slower than other games in the genre.
Crouching while firing is another method of making an opponent more difficult to hit.

How to play

"W" to move forward
"S" to move backward
"A" to move left
"D" to move right
"SPACE" to jump
"C" to crouch
"SHIFT" to dash
"LEFT-CLICK" to shoot
"RIGHT-CLICK" to scope
"1,2,3,4,5" to switch item
"Q" to switch items back

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