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Idle Money Tree is an idle clicker game in which you shake (or click) a tree for coins to earn money! Save enough money to purchase improvements and boost your profits every second. Also, the quicker you tap, the greater your earnings. Remember these two points and start earning! The game may periodically provide you with objectives and options, each of which will result in a unique conclusion. Open the scroll on the left to finish the assignment and get your reward. Repeat this process until you have accumulated sufficient funds to access the special store and weapon shop. The remainder of the tale may then be shaped by your actions and choices. The money grows on trees in this game! Go ahead and demonstrate your ability to become the next world-renowned millionaire. Idle Money Tree is a pretty nice, free online game that is great for socializing.

How to play Idle Money Tree?

Tap or click to purchase an upgrade

Release Date

January 2022


Web browser

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