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Hexanautio and eat smaller Hexanauts to grow, or avoid being eaten by other players. This game is a multiplayer snake game where you control a hexagonal spaceship instead of a traditional snake. Each player takes on the role of an engineer on a starship that ran aground in the midst of an ion storm. You are the hexagonal pilot of an amazing plane that has fallen into a maze filled with other pilots, all trying to eat your tail before you can. As an engineer, your main goal is to repair the damaged ship so that it can return to space again. You do this by collecting power buttons from the center of the playing field, returning them to one of your three tools, and activating them. Your secondary goal is to be the last engineer to destroy all other players. Challenge your friends or anyone from around the world in this strategy puzzle game! Will you be able to eat your tail first?


How to play Hexanaut.io

Controls Move the mouse to navigate your character.


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