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About Happy Go

  Happy Go is a fun game with talented people who like to do circus. They form a circle and together roll on the track to find interesting things. A big hoop rolling on the road with a limp could fall at any moment, rolling forever without getting tired. The game with colorful and funny dummies is true to its name "Happy Go" will bring players joyful experiences. Let's join the world of miracles!

  Starting with a small hoop and rolling quickly on the track, you will find it quite difficult to control because of its imbalance. Trying to pick up the waiting dummies to increase the size of the ring, it would be interesting to see a giant circle made of little people. Avoid obstacles or jump on the steps because they will eat the number of dummies. Collect the diamonds on the track to accumulate scores to help you have the support to finish more easily in the next levels. The ring will not be easy to navigate, so move skillfully to be able to pass through the targets. When you reach the finish line, get as much momentum as you can to get to the top.

  The wheel of happiness begins to roll... 

How to play Happy Go

Drag to move.

Click or tap to jump.

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