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About Giant Rush!

Giant Rush is an extremely casual fighting action game featuring giants and other creatures. A lethal arena and monster battle. An incredible race for survival! Collect and enhance your blob hero, overcome all obstacles, and defeat the Giant King in an epic battle. In an offline fighting game, you must board a ship, traverse an obstacle course, join blobs, become stronger, and battle against enormous monsters. In brawl games, players use swords to slay monstrous foes, evade oncoming assaults, and defeat foes. Choose your tactic and guide your stickman to victory in an epic battle! Construct a formidable blob runner warrior and annihilate your foes in offline fighting games. Collecting more individuals of the same hue will make you stronger; avoid collecting individuals of various colours or you will lose them. power. At the conclusion of each level, a final boss confrontation awaits! Let's triumph! Wish you happy gaming!

Game Features:
Collect, Merge and Get Bigger!
Race Through Dangerous Track.
Rush Towards the Finish.
Get Stronger to Face The Giant.
Brawl Against Monsters.
Win the Giant Race Challenge!

How to play Giant Rush!

Using Mouse


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