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Fillall is an engaging and strategic puzzle game that challenges players to paint corridors within a maze using their movements. The objective is to complete each level by successfully covering all the designated areas within the maze.


Players navigate through a maze, and with each step, they leave a trail of paint behind them. The challenge lies in efficiently covering all the corridors while avoiding obstacles and backtracking. The painted areas must match a predetermined pattern or fill the entire maze to progress to the next level.


  1. Dynamic Mazes: Each level presents a unique maze layout, introducing new challenges and requiring players to adapt their strategy.

  2. Obstacles and Challenges: Various obstacles, such as walls and moving elements, hinder the player's progress. Strategic thinking and planning become crucial to overcoming these challenges.

  3. Limited Paint Supply: Players might have a limited amount of paint to complete a level, adding an extra layer of difficulty and encouraging efficient use of movements.

  4. Increasing Complexity: As players advance, levels become progressively more complex, testing their spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

  5. Puzzle Elements: Some levels may incorporate puzzle elements, such as switches or color-specific requirements, further enhancing the depth and variety of gameplay.

Visuals and Design:

The game features vibrant and visually appealing graphics, with a clear distinction between painted and unpainted areas. The maze environments are diverse, ranging from traditional labyrinthine structures to imaginative and creative designs.

Scoring and Achievements:

Players can earn points based on their efficiency in completing levels, encouraging replayability and the pursuit of higher scores. Achievements and unlockable content provide additional incentives for players to explore the game fully.


Fillall combines the strategic elements of puzzle-solving with the thrill of navigating through mazes. With its dynamic gameplay and increasing difficulty, it promises hours of entertainment for puzzle enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

How to play Fillall

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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