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EvoWars is a multiplayer fighting io game. You start as a caveman and collect orbs to evolve your weapons and improve your skills. Use your sword to defeat your enemies and collect their energy spheres. Use the speed boost wisely to run from giant players or attack them. When you use the speed boost, your current XP will also be deducted. Move quickly and time your swings carefully to eliminate the opponents. Fight and become a legend!

EvoWars.io was developed by Night Steed Games and released in March 2018.

Game features:

Intense slashing gameplay 

More than 15 character models and 30 evolutions.

Sprint ability 

Game tips:

The bigger you are, the slower you are. However, your weapon range improves. So strike your opponent precisely and do not miss any hit.

The smaller you are, the faster you are. Use your advantage!

When you start the game, focus on collecting orbs.

Use the speed boost at the right time to eliminate your opponent or to run away from them.

Big orbs bring more experience than smaller ones. Kills give the most.

How to play EvoWars.io

Move your mouse to control the movement.

Left-click to attack.

Right-click to boost speed.

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