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Epic Hole Runner is an arcade-style game in which you must avoid obstacles while running as far as possible. A highly addicting, fast-paced platformer in which you must sprint and avoid enormous holes! To conquer the hurdles in your path, amass stars and power-ups. Can you earn as many points as possible in this mental challenge? You can play with friends or against yourself in a variety of modes. Try the most difficult level, set a record, or manage the AI. Each of these variants will test your abilities and provide a fresh experience. The arcade game Epic Hole Runner will keep you captivated for hours. Come and run as fast as you can! Run and explore vast levels filled with holes, including laser beams, spikes, tunnels, and abysses. Get on your way! You can compete against gobo to reach the finish line first. Or flee as fast as you can without looking behind. The decision is yours! You must have quick reflexes if you wish to beat your opponent to the level's conclusion!
Use your mouse to move


How to play Epic Hole Runner

Using Mouse


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