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About Dynast.io

Dynast.io is a multiplayer survival game in which you need to build your dynasty, fight monsters, and dominate the server. Look for and collect resources to develop your characters and upgrade your base. Beware of monsters around. Avoid and defeat them before they attack you. Other players will try to defeat you and loot your resources. Good luck.

How to play Dynast.io

WASD/Arrow keys = move.

Mouse = aim.

Left-click = attack/action.

Tab/B/C/P/M = open inventory/building menu/craft menu/map/teams.

C = craft.

B = build.

0-9 = select equipment.

+/- = zoom camera.

P = open map.

Hold Shift while building = build in a row.

Hold shift while managing your inventory = split stacks.

T = throw items.

Enter = chat.

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