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  Domie Love Pranking is an intellectual game with funny mutant eggs. Break them all by natural calamities like thunder, earthquakes. The game will take you to a space with majestic mountain views and the rage of stormy skies. The ferocious mutant eggs hide in the cliffs but cannot escape the hand of mother nature. Let's make natural disasters come and destroy the evil eggs. Players will find it interesting with the punishments of nature.

  There are a number of mutant eggs that are randomly arranged, maybe they will be hiding under the cliffs or hanging from the cliffs. Natural disasters such as a tornado, tsunami, earthquake, poisonous bee, thunder hail will act as a tool to help you attack them. However, the destruction method of each disaster will be different, depending on the arrangement of the eggs for you to choose how the disaster occurs and their order. By using a limited number of those natural disasters, you must destroy all the eggs, any leftover you lose. Note one thing that you can only use one attack method, disasters will not occur simultaneously and each disaster only takes place for a certain time. So come up with smart and accurate tactics to stand a chance to go to the next level. 

  Can you master nature? Let's see how far you can go!

How to play Domie Love Pranking

Click or touch to play.

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