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About Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online is a fast-paced 2D multiplayer game in which players must defend their team and eliminate their opponents. Multiple game styles and maps are available. You can play as a Dinox or a dinosaur from the popular television series Dinotopia in this game. These dinosaurs are extremely dangerous, powerful, and difficult to kill. Your ultimate objective is to become the last surviving dinosaur. In the online arena, you can compete alone or with up to 10 other players. This tutorial will cover everything from the basics to advanced strategies that will make you a formidable DinogentOnline player.
WASD = move
Shift = sprint
Crouch = control
E = interact
R = reload
Space = use melee
G = throw grenade
F = use equipment
T = use weapon accessory / cycle vehicle weapon
Z = use the support item
X = select next support item
Q = switch weapon
1-3 = inventory 1-3
C = open commands menu
Tab = view scoreboard
Enter = open in-game chat


How to play Dinogen Online

Using Mouse


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