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About Dino Swords

Dino Swords is set in a prehistoric world where humans coexist with dinosaurs. However, these dinosaurs are not just ordinary creatures; they have evolved with the ability to wield powerful, ancient swords. This world is teeming with lush jungles, towering volcanoes, and mysterious caves.


  1. Character Customization: Players begin by creating their own unique character, choosing their appearance, abilities, and the type of dinosaur companion they will ride.

  2. Dinosaur Companions: The central element of "Dino Swords" is the bond between the player character and their dinosaur companion. Each dinosaur has its own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, which can be enhanced and customized as the game progresses.

  3. Exploration: The game offers an open world to explore, filled with diverse landscapes, hidden secrets, and various species of dinosaurs, some of which can be befriended to join your quest.

  4. Combat: Combat is a core aspect of "Dino Swords." Players can engage in fast-paced, dynamic battles against other dinosaur-riding warriors and formidable creatures. The unique twist is that both the player character and their dinosaur have their own weapon and fighting style, making battles intense and strategic.

  5. Quests and Story: "Dino Swords" features an engaging storyline with quests and missions that reveal the mysteries of this prehistoric world, including the origins of the sentient dinosaurs and the ancient swords.

  6. Crafting and Upgrades: Players can gather resources from the environment and defeat enemies to craft weapons, armor, and equipment for themselves and their dinosaur companions. Upgrading and customizing gear plays a crucial role in your journey.

  7. Multiplayer: The game may offer a cooperative and competitive multiplayer mode where players can team up with friends to take on challenging bosses or engage in dinosaur-mounted battles against other players.

Winning the Game:

In "Dino Swords," there may not be a traditional "winning" condition since it's an open-world adventure game. Instead, players aim to progress through the storyline, complete quests, enhance their characters and dinosaur companions, and become formidable warriors in this unique prehistoric world.

Dino Swords is a concept that combines the fascination of dinosaurs with the excitement of sword-fighting in a rich, open-world setting. It's a game that allows players to explore a beautifully crafted prehistoric world, forge bonds with their dinosaur companions, and engage in thrilling combat encounters. Whether you're interested in the story, customization, or action, "Dino Swords" offers a diverse and captivating gaming experience for those who love adventure and the allure of the ancient past

How to play Dino Swords

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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