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In Elementals, players will explore different worlds and collect elements to solve puzzles in order to unlock hidden areas. Players will also have the option to befriend elementals and collect elements from them in exchange for new abilities. As players progress through the game, they’ll unlock new worlds and elements. Elementals is a cute, casual, puzzle game that will challenge you to explore different worlds and collect elements to solve puzzles. In order to unlock hidden areas, players will need to solve puzzles in a number of different ways. The game can be played in a browser or on your Android or iOS

Have you ever wondered what the fauna of the Elements looks like? What if you can bring them home? What if you could have them as pets? What if you could show them off to your friends? Well, these games might provide you with an answer. These games specialize in taking the elemental fauna and incorporating that into a common game. These are some of the most popular games that take elements like the cute fauna of the Elements, the cute and cuddly elements of the Elements, the pet elements of the Elements and the cute and cuddly elements of the Elements and make a game out of

Elements are the basic building blocks of the Hyper universe. In Hyper, you lead an army of Elementals through the Digital World in order to defeat the Metaverse’s villainous emperor. You’ll collect and combine elements to create new ones, and send them off to distant lands to collect new element types. There are over 400 elements in the Hyper universe, and they each possess their own unique characteristics and

What’s more adorable than a cute little elemental? How about a whole army of them! Each with their own unique powers, elementals are some of the cutest creatures on the Elemental Plane. The elementals in this game are all cute versions of real-world elements. Which means they’re super useful as well. Use their abilities wisely and together you’ll be able to overcome any

The earth is at war, and you are its weapon of mass destruction—an Elemental! Select your element and then select a target to blow up. Make sure to tap on other elements to merge them and create new Elemens to increase your power. If you can match the elements, the chain reaction will blow your enemies to


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Using Mouse


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