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About Crossy Chicken

  Crossy Chicken is a square white chicken lost in the busy city. The traffic was busy and no one cared about the chicken, help him cross the roads without danger. A large vivid colorful city will make players impressed with the incessant movement of vehicles. Feel the rush and suspense with Crossy Chicken. Have you ever been afraid to cross the street? Is your chicken safe or will it be squashed in the roadway?

  Use the arrow keys or touch to control the chicken, quickly cross the road without being hit by moving cars or passing trains. It is best not to let your chicken stand still, move flexibly without stopping if you do not want to be rolled and flattened. There are countless obstacles, so choose locations that are convenient and easy to move. The city is large and crowded, so it takes a lot of concentration to bring the chicken to its final destination. It's really a challenge if you're overwhelmed with the fast-moving speed. Don't forget to collect gold coins to become a rich chicken. Danger lurks everywhere, so try to move as quickly as possible. Good luck with the white chicken!

How to play Crossy Chicken

Arrow keys or click to move.


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