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About Crazy Jokers 3D

  Crazy Jokers 3D is a fun rescue game that challenges your ability to collect money. Your friends have been kidnapped by ghostly clowns and they demand a large amount of money for ransom. It's hard to imagine when you have to manage a pile of money in less than a short minute. Pray and hope a miracle will happen to save your friend's life or you are confident in your ability to collect money.

  The clowns are large in number and they have modern weapons that you cannot defeat. The only way to save that hostage is to collect as much money as they want, of course, it's not a small number. They have strict and unreasonable regulations, meet the full amount in less than a minute. The piles of money will be solved everywhere, requiring you to be quick and skillful to collect as much as possible. There are many other players participating in the rescue mission, so don't let them be faster than you. Only 1 dollar short of your friend will lose his life, do not let the rescue sink in vain. Pay attention to the places where the coins are distributed and avoid competing with other players, control the direction keys flexibly for the best collection efficiency. 

  Sometimes the circumstances are reversed, the hostage is the police and you are the rescuer!

How to play Crazy Jokers 3D

Arrow keys to play.

Collect money to rescue hostages.

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