Colonistio is a strategy and resource management game where players move settlers around the map in an attempt to build the most prosperous settlement. Colonize distant planets, discover new technology, trade with other alien civilizations and protect your citizens from hostile threats. This game combines classic board game mechanics with a fast-paced real-time strategy experience. Players place their colonies on the outer ring of each planet's hexagons. Then, in turn, brought more colonists to different areas of their settlement. Each tile is unique and contains resources that are scarce or abundant at certain locations in your settlement. As you expand your civilization and add new buildings to your settlement, it becomes easier to grow your economy and produce more goods. But untimely alien attacks or natural disasters can wreak havoc on entire cities — so watch out!


How to play

How to Play Getting started If you know how to play Catan, you'll understand how to play Colonist. For beginners, the game features comprehensive instructions and a tutorial mode to get started. The tutorial mode is easy to follow and features soft AI opponents. The basic rules of When you roll the dice, you'll be given the resource with the corresponding number on the map. You can use the resources to build settlements, cities, roads, and development cards. The development cards give you knights that build your army and rob opponents. If you're missing an important card, you can trade with other players and the bank. Building settlements by the port will give you a better trade deal in the resource offered. The end goal of is to reach 10 victory points. You can achieve this with the number of settlements, cities, longest roads, largest armies, and VP cards. Keep that in mind! More Games Like This Colonist IO gives you the opportunity to play a Catan-style game online in your web browser. Check out our board games collection if you want to play more board games online. There are many classic titles including Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and Guess Who. Browse the full list for more. Release Date December 2017 as The game has been rebranded as since August 2019. Features Play with bots or other players in real-time 2 to 4 players per game Beautiful and clean interface Resource production and trading Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile) Controls Press the left mouse button to play.


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