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About Clash of Skulls

  Clash of Skulls is a fierce war between skull kingdoms. When humanity on earth disappeared, it was replaced by the domination of skulls with bizarre shapes and raging beasts. A chaotic struggle broke out over territory, giant skulls joined the battle. The battle scene based on the classic prehistoric space will create excitement for players. Let's win for your skull kingdom!

  The cards at the bottom of the screen are the types of troops that you can maneuver. However, the mobilization of troops will not be possible continuously, the red line will show the regeneration speed of your troop selection. Each type of skull will have a corresponding number of points, strong soldiers will need a longer wait time. The choice needs to be considered intelligently and in accordance with the opponent's battle tactics. The combat distance is quite short, so there is a reasonable strategy to prevent the enemy from coming to destroy your hut. If you lose too much energy, your skull team will lose and have to pay their entire territory to them. Pay attention to the types of skulls that the enemy deploys to attack, choose your troops, and estimate the waiting time reasonably so that it doesn't take much damage and still can drain the enemy's strength.

How to play Clash of Skulls

Tap on cards to deploy units.

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