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About Castle Defense

Castle Defense is a fascinating and free system game called "Castle Defense" for Android gadgets.

In the game, players will assume the part of an incredible and amazing administrator with the assignment of working a powerful armed force. Play this epic pinnacle defense game. Develop your castles into incredible posts! In excess of 40 guide levels with four distinct topics and an assortment of mysterious abilities with incredible ability to obliterate beasts! It will keep you playing for quite a long time. Hence, as a head of the power, gamers need to construct a strong defense line and forestall all assaults of the dull groups.

How to play Castle Defense

Objective: - Don't let enemies attack the castle. - Build defenders along the road to kill enemies and get E-point. Defender types: - Alchemist house: Continuously generates E-points over time. - Tower: Cannon Tower only attacks ground enemies. Lightning Tower will attack both the ground and air enemies. - Trooper: Swordsman and Wizard can block the road and prevent enemies coming to the castle.

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