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About Castle Defender Saga

Castle Defender Saga - Fabricate your powerful palace and attempt to safeguard from adversary attack. Battle against a multitude of bones, purchase new saints and update your palace's wellbeing. Safeguard your palace against adversary attack. Train your toxophilite, knights and cavalry to fight off foe powers. Advance and update your mages to project stunning spells on foes. Call golems to crush adversaries to pieces. Safeguard against wave to wave of adversary assaults. You can call golems to obliterate foes. How about we perceive what number of waves you can endure?

How to play Castle Defender Saga

Tap the battle button to start fighting wave of enemies Tap the lightning mage to cast a spell Tap the swordsman to summon combat units Tap the skill button to show skill upgrade menu. Tap the lightning mage to show unit selection menu. Upgrade the castle to increase health and mana points Upgrade the town archers to increase damage output.

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