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  Cashier 3D will let you play the role of a professional cashier which is the dream job of many people. Do you think dealing with numbers is easy? Join now for a real-life experience of working in a big supermarket. This game will be a great choice for those who want to own the cashier experience in their own home or anywhere, can practice great skills with money. Let's see if you are sane enough to serve customers with exact amounts!

  Classified cash and a fast calculator will be prepared for you, do not need to calculate but just choose the appropriate denominations of the customer's balance. All denominations have been fully collected in certain quantities. Products of any price will be brought to you for payment. Take the coins, arrange them in the correct position of face value, and then watch the excess amount appear on the spreadsheet. Note to choose the best quantity because the number of bills of each denomination will be limited. Try not to keep customers waiting too long, this will affect their evaluation of your supermarket. In more difficult levels there will be a large number of customers rushing out to pay, then use your agility.

How to play Cashier 3D

Hold to get money.


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