About is a great multiplayer .io game where you have to control a car with a circular puzzle piece attached. You have to try and increase the size of your bird's wing and use it to destroy other players. Your wing size starts off really small and it gets bigger as you collect crystals scattered across the map - crystals also appear when enemies are killed and the bigger they get, the more crystals they have. the bigger it falls.
Control your vehicle and throw your cannon at other players. Easy to play, hard to master. Click to release your flag and click again to get it back. The Green Guard will steal energy from you if you are too distracted. After a while of playing, you'll begin to develop your own clever strategies for catching your enemies, whether that's by pressing them against a wall, waiting for them at the entrance of the central area, or by surprise them in between your car and your bird's wings.


How to play

Controls Use your mouse to move Left click to detach flail Hold left click to attach flail


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