BOMB PRANK is a fun fighting game with multiplayer participation. A secret box is dropped and will select any one of the players to hand over a bomb. After a few minutes, the bomb will explode and of course, no player wants to be exploded. In order to survive, a civil war on a strange highland happened. What would you do to not be the bomb holder?

  Unlike other games, the loser has only one. This means all remaining players are winners and go to the next level. One person will be chosen at random to hold the bomb at first. If it's you, chase the other players and pass the bomb to them before it explodes. If not, stay away from the player with the bomb so that he or she won't have a chance to pass the bomb to you. Note that you will lose if you go out to the ring and fall, try not to overdo it. After a short while the bomb will go off, so make sure you are not the last one to keep it. We also don't expect you to be the only unlucky person to lose. 

  See if your running ability helps you win this game!

How to play BOMB PRANK

Drag to move.

Drop to pass bombs to other players.

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